Michael Rössl

In my point of view, cooking is a creative process where several characteristics – such as passion, handicraft and art – remain equal to each other.

It is of utmost importance to me that constantly new dishes will be created. Apart from that I am utterly keen to bring traditional courses to their perfection by even merging them with contemporary ones.

One may describe me as a born chef who did literally stay together with a wooden spoon in the cradle. Further I grew up among pots and pans at my parents’ inn located in the village Stallhofen in Austria.

And when you can´t find me in front of the oven, probably  i´m doing my second passion, travelling around the world, searching for delicous food or you find me in my wonderful hometown in Austria.

I would highly appreciate if you intend to accompany this evolving culinary adventure – either via online or offline mode

Professional career


first “cooking” steps

Tourism school - Bad Gleichenberg

After gratuating from Tourism School in Bad Gleichenberg, I moved to the neighbouring county in order to work at Hotel Post in Velden. Then I could gather further work experiences at restaurant Steirereck in Pogusch, at Schmiedn in Graz and at restaurant Obervoitsberg next to the equally named castle. At the latter one I even had the chance to learn from gourmet chef Walter Prettenthaler.

styrian cooking competition

Taking the third place at the Styrian cooking challenge called “Junge Steirer kochen kreativ” gave me the opportunity to once more demonstrate my culinary skills.

As well I volunteered at the popular gourmet restaurant Stainzerhof headed by top chef Heinz Preschan.

Steirerkraft campaign

„Steirerkraft Representative of the national campaign Rezepte Rocker“ 2014 More info: http://www.steirerkraft.com/en/the-rocker/recipe-rocker-14/

My own Chef´s table

From January 2013 straight to December 2015 I used to be self-employed at my parents’ restaurant Kirchenwirt Roessl in Stallhofen. Four months later I did bring my project of a chef’s table to life. The idea was to offer guests a direct view to the kitchen whilst serving them different gourmet menues

private chef and cooking classes

In December 2015 I founded the company deinKoch.at which enabled guests to rent me being their privat chef at home as well as the chance of giving them hints and culinary recommendations throughout my cooking courses.

The Driftwood Bexhill

In January 2017, I took over the position of the opening head chef at the newly opened restaurant and boutique hotel „The Driftwood“ situated in Bexhill-on-Sea.

CMC Certified Master Chef

In autmn 2017, I did the education “CMC- certified master chef” at Wifi Graz – Austria.

F&b Management - G´sund und Naturhotel - ``Die Wasnerin``

New projects

I am always open to new projects in the sector of tourism, gastronomy and food.

additional projects


First cook book

The realization of my first cook book named “Genussreise durch die Lipizzanerheimat” has provided me with the Hakademy Award in the category of “entrepreneurial thinking”.

TV master chef at TV station Kult1 (counties Carinthia and Styria) with own cooking show “Gschmackig”

TV - show act

Show act at TV station ORF for the national coverage “Heute leben”

Live cook show at the cook book fair at Styrian’s capital named Graz

Radio Kronehit

Show act at radio Kronehit for the national record of “Studiostunde“

Participation being “Rezepte Rocker” at Steirer Ball at Vienna’s Imperial Palace

Presentation of the cook book “Nouvoel cuisine” with self-made recipes

Award received by Energy Center Lipizzanerheimat 2015 for cooking together with primary school Rosental focusing on regional and seasonal food styles

Part of the local managing board at Junge Wirtschaft Voitsberg since 2014

Styrian Marketing Award 2015.
Part of the campaign “Steirerkraft Rezepte Rocker”

Supporter in terms of idea finding at charity project „Gutes tun 2016“ of the economic association Junge Wirtschaft Voitsberg which led to the “JW Award 2016” in the category of Austrian’s best representaties of general interest

Member of Round Table Lipizzanerheimat (rt44) since 2016

IRO since 2017